Does Willow Bark Have Anti-Aging Properties?

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Willow bark has been used for thousands of years in many different forms. The Ancient Greeks, for example, chewed willow bark to relieve pain and fever. Presently, willow bark extracts are often found in astringents and other skincare products thanks to its ability to treat acne and shed dead skin cells to clear pores. The extract contains salicylic acid, a natural exfoliant, as well as various phenolic acids and minerals. All of these properties are key to aiding skin rejuvenation. In theory, live-in caregivers in Wallingford could encourage their loved ones to use willow bark to rejuvenate aging skin cells.

Studying the Anti-Aging Properties of Plant Extracts

Researchers from Concordia have worked with the Quebec-based Idunn Technologies to uncover the six best groups of anti-aging molecules discovered to this day. Published in the journal Oncotarget, this study consisted of more than 10,000 trials of plant extract screening for their abilities to increase the lifespan of yeast. Considering yeast’s similar aging process to the human body’s cells, it was selected as the best cellular model to replicate an anti-aging process in humans. The anti-aging properties discovered in the six molecule groups are also significant for the prevention of certain diseases associated with aging, including cancer. One of the groups of molecules identified is an extract found specifically in willow bark.

Willow Bark: An Anti-Aging Success

When run through the experimental trial with yeast cells, willow bark was found to increase the yeast’s lifespan by 475 percent, a far more impressive result than the best anti-aging drugs currently available on the market. In other words, willow bark successfully demonstrates anti-aging properties that outperform even the leading anti-aging creams. The willow bark extract, like all of the other molecular extracts, is already recognized by Health Canada as a non-toxic substance. Now the research team is currently exploring the possibilities of cancer treatment with willow bark as a result of this study.

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