Honoring Miss Norma’s End-of-Life Road Trip

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After a life-changing diagnosis, most people choose to follow treatment plans that are recommended by their doctor in an attempt to be cured and survive the illness. Instead, Miss Norma, a 90-year-old woman from northern Michigan, chose to forego treatment and use her remaining time on earth to take a cross-country trip throughout the U.S. Following is the account of her story that has inspired both seniors and their Milford, CT, caregivers.

Norma was diagnosed with uterine cancer just two days after the death of her husband, who coincidentally, also died of cancer. She reportedly looked her doctor in the eye and told him she’d be hitting the open road to visit some of the most popular landmarks and attractions in the U.S. He agreed with her decision and encouraged her to enjoy her travels.

From whale watching in Florida to viewing Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, Miss Norma enjoyed a trip of a lifetime that prompted her spirits to improve for a period of time. She also made stops at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and at the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. She experienced new heights by taking a hot air balloon ride over lush landscapes and even learned about alien encounters in Roswell, New Mexico. At each new place she visited, her son Ted, daughter-in-law Ramie, and trusty poodle/sidekick Ringo were always by her side while offering their full support of her decision to enjoy the rest of her life.

Miss Norma soon became a hit across the country and gained 66,000 followers on Facebook with her page, Driving Miss Norma. She hoped to inspire others with her journey and get seniors and their Milford, CT, live-in caregivers talking about how they’d want to spend their final days instead of falling to a gloomy end-of-life mentality. Additionally, she hoped her journey would inspire families to discuss end-of-life plans openly without fear. This allowed her to live life to the fullest while traveling on the open road in a motorhome instead of living with the side effects that often come with chemotherapy and surgery.

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