Top 5 Activities for Visually Impaired Senior

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Seniors with vision problems often find that they are limited in what they can do. The great news for Woodbridge home caregivers who look after these seniors is that there are many activities that they can do independently to occupy their time. Check out five of these activities below.

1. Make Crafts

There are many crafts that can be done just by using the sense of touch. Many seniors enjoy crocheting or knitting, for example. These are projects that can be completed just by feeling the yarn and needles. Other seniors enjoy making beautiful pottery or clay sculptures. 

2. Play Games

Seniors with vision problems might also enjoy playing games with their live-in Woodbridge home caregivers. Those who look after these seniors can find dominoes with raised dots and Four in a Row to play with their senior loved ones as these games are easy to play with poor vision. Alternatively, many computer games can be operated by sound or speech, which is great for tech-savvy seniors. 

3. Go to a Lecture

There are many educational lectures that happen in almost any community. In order to locate these events, make sure to check with your local library, colleges and museums. Many seniors can even use the bus or a taxi, enabling them to get to these talks independently. These activities help keep the senior’s mind active. 

4. Listen to the Radio

Many seniors find that listening to the radio is great for companionship. Seniors can find a vast variety of shows from conservative talk radio to whatever music genre they prefer. You can even help the senior locate old radio shows that you think he or she will enjoy. Some seniors may even be able to find podcasts on the computer that they will enjoy. 

5. Go to Concerts

Many seniors really enjoy going to concerts in the local community. Check with local colleges, schools, churches and music teachers to see when these events occur. Go with your loved one as you will both enjoy hearing the music and spending time together.

Even if your loved one lives with poor vision, he or she can still enjoy these and other activities that boost overall wellbeing. Reach out to Home Care Assistance at (203) 444-8575 today to learn about other ways your loved one can benefit from fun activities. We provide comprehensive live-in and hourly elderly care Woodbridge seniors can trust to help them age in place comfortably. Call today to set up a free consultation and learn more about our unique services and how they benefit our clients.


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