6 Tips for Helping Your Senior Parent Avoid COVID-19

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The coronavirus is scary for families with senior loved ones. Much is still unknown about this virus, but it’s generally understood that anyone with serious health concerns is most vulnerable to the disease. These six strategies can minimize your loved one’s risk of catching this serious virus.

1. Help Your Parent Age in Place

The thought of being isolated for an unknown period of time may cause your loved one to wonder if his or her living situation is best. Your loved one may need help with daily activities, but it’s ideal for him or her to remain at home where he or she won’t be exposed to as many people. The virus has already made its way through several assisted living facilities simply due to the sheer number of people present in such environments, and home care is an effective way to give your loved one help while keeping his or her exposure levels low.

One of the most challenging tasks of helping an elderly relative age in place safely and comfortably is researching agencies that provide senior home care. Turn to Home Care Assistance for reliable, high-quality in-home care for aging adults. We offer 24-hour live-in care for seniors who require extensive assistance, and we also offer respite care for family caregivers who need a break from their caregiving duties.

2. Find Ways to Limit Contact in Public

Your parent needs to stay at home as much as possible, which might mean appointing someone else to do the grocery shopping, cancelling unnecessary appointments such as getting his or her hair or nails done, and having a personal caregiver provide hygiene care in the home. If your loved one must go out for a critical medical appointment, make sure he or she stays at least six feet away from others at all times.

3. Follow Good Hygiene Practices

The hygiene practices you and your loved one should already be following just took on greater importance. Handwashing still remains one of the first lines of defense against spreading the virus. Take extra care to disinfect commonly touched areas of your loved one’s home. Wipe down door knobs, faucet handles, and light switches on a regular basis.

4. Gather Extra Medicine & Supplies

Hoarding is taboo, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does recommend seniors stock up on necessary supplies, as they should for any emergency. Make sure your parent has enough medicine to get through lengthy periods when he or she cannot go to the pharmacy. Many pharmacies and stores are delivering necessities to seniors.

A home caregiver can run errands, including shopping for groceries and picking up prescriptions, so your loved one doesn’t have to leave home. If your aging loved one needs help managing everyday tasks or encouragement to adopt healthier lifestyle choices, turn to Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of elderly home care. Woodbridge Home Care Assistance provides professional in-home caregivers around the clock to help seniors live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

5. Open Up New Methods of Socializing

A positive mental outlook can keep the immune system strong. Staying at home is isolating, and your loved one needs to be able to reach out and communicate with the people he or she loves. Show your loved one how to make video calls or use social media. Your loved one may be less likely to invite visitors to the home when he or she has an alternative method of interacting socially.

6. Keep Up Your Loved One’s General Health

A strong immune system helps the body fight off the worst effects of the virus. Since coronavirus attacks the lungs, your loved one needs to abstain from smoking and continue to exercise. A healthy diet and plenty of rest can also help your loved one remain strong enough to fight off the virus if he or she gets exposed.

Aging in place can present a few unique challenges for older adults. Some only require part-time assistance with exercise or meal preparation, while others are living with serious illnesses and benefit more significantly from receiving live-in care. Woodbridge, CT, Home Care Assistance are leaders in the elderly in-home care industry for good reason. We tailor our care plans based on each senior’s individual needs, our caregivers continue to receive updated training in senior care as new developments arise, and we also offer comprehensive care for seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s.

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With information surrounding coronavirus/COVID-19 changing by the hour, it’s challenging to stay updated on the most recent best practices for keeping seniors safe at home. At Home Care Assistance, we understand how critical it is for seniors and their caregivers to protect against coronavirus as much as possible. All our team members have received detailed communication on infection control protocols, including effective cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and hands. Our caregivers can pick up medications, groceries, and anything else a senior needs, minimizing their interaction with large groups of people. For more information on how Home Care Assistance helps protect clients, click here: https://www.homecareassistancenewhaven.com/covid-19-home-care/.


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