Is It Time to Hire and In-Home Caregiver for My Senior Loved One?

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One of the biggest concerns for seniors today is the ability to age in place. Some can no longer sufficiently care for themselves and rely on family members, assisted living or nursing facilities for help. Fortunately, in-home care in Wallingford is an optimal option for seniors who need help managing day-to-day care tasks in the comfort of home. Many family caregivers aren’t sure when to hire an in-home caregiver, but if you notice any of the following signs, it may be time.

Becoming Overwhelmed

It’s no secret that managing even a small apartment and taking care of ourselves becomes challenging as we age. If your senior loved one doesn’t know how to manage his or her home anymore, it may be a sign he or she needs some help. Not all seniors will admit that they are overwhelmed. Many seniors are embarrassed to ask for extra help or are afraid of losing their independence. This means Wallingford caregivers should look out for more subtle signs of being overwhelmed. 

Not Eating Right

Often times, seniors find cooking a bigger chore as they age. This problem can be especially true for seniors who live alone. In light of cooking frustrations, seniors can easily turn to unhealthy convenience foods or not eat regularly. Changes in diet are often reflected both in weight and overall health, which is why you should monitor these changes regularly. An in-home caregiver can help your senior loved one prepare nutritious meals on a daily basis. 

Increasing Forgetfulness 

Whether your senior loved one is becoming more forgetful due to natural aging processes or because he or she is in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, trying to remember daily tasks can be challenging. Because of this, personal care or daily tasks may go unchecked. A Wallingford dementia care provider can help your senior loved one meet his or her daily needs with reminders and assistance. 

Decreasing Personal Hygiene

Most of us don’t think twice about hopping in the shower, shaving, dressing, and other personal hygiene needs. But these necessities of daily living can become more taxing and for seniors. If you notice piles of dirty clothes and lack of personal hygiene when you visit your senior loved one, consider hiring an at-home caregiver.

When you notice any of the above signs, turn to Home Care Assistance of New Haven. We help seniors manage daily tasks like housekeeping while offering personal care assistance such as bathing, grooming, and dressing. Additionally, our compassionate caregivers offer emotional support and companionship your loved one needs to optimize his or her golden years. Call (203) 444-8575 today to speak with an experienced Care Manager and schedule a free consultation.


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