New Dementia App Helps Seniors Remember

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Seniors living with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitive disorders often have difficulty with conversations due to memory loss. However, a group of graduate students from Cornell University in New York recently developed a mobile app that assists elderly adults by triggering memories. Engineer students Karthik Venkataramaiah, Mihir Shah, Shivananda Pujeri and Vishal Kumkar deserve credit for creating the smartphone app. Each one of the students was inspired by the fact that all knew someone living with memory loss. The group felt compelled to create something that might help seniors with memory disorders communicate with and relate to Milford dementia caregivers

Dementia App Basics

The group researched memory loss by interviewing a number of people who have experience with people diagnosed with cognitive disorders. The app is designed to work on the mobile devices that belong to memory-impaired patients, their family members, friends or Alzheimer’s caregivers in Milford. The program is equipped with a GPS tracking system, which is linked to the cloud. The app sends an alert to the senior when someone in his or her network is within close proximity. The app then informs the elderly adult who the person is and the particulars concerning his or her relationship with the individual. 

Memory Triggers

The app provides loved ones with the ability to upload pictures. Venkataramaih explained that images or pictures often help with memory recall. Along with the alert, the mobile app also initiates a slideshow that focuses on the individual, which is designed to bring that person to the forefront of the senior’s memory. Likewise, if the older loved one receives a phone call or text message from one of the network participants, the app again provides relationship information in addition to starting the relevant slideshow. 

By using the Android app, caregivers will have the ability to locate and monitor the whereabouts of seniors. The program will additionally allow caregivers to remind elderly adults when to take medications, perform particular tasks or to make a necessary phone call. The app will also contain a database of stored conversations, facts and questions that might make visiting with others easier. 

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