The Importance of Elderly Nail Care

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Nail care becomes more difficult for seniors due to natural physical problems that come with aging. Seniors often struggle to properly trim or clip the nails on their hands and feet as it may be difficult to bend over or reach these areas. Similarly, seniors might not have the precision and dexterity that is needed to carefully maintain their nails. For example, a person in early stages of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease might tremble and shake making it impossible to take care of his or her nails. Thankfully, Parkinson’s, dementia, and Alzheimer’s caregivers in Wallingford can help their loved ones maintain nail health to avoid any problems.

Senior nails tend to become very brittle due to aging. The curvature of the nails also tends to change in people of advanced age. Therefore, senior citizens are at a high risk of cracking, breaking, chipping and other damage to their fragile nails. A good way to prevent such an unpleasant experience is to do weekly nail care with the appropriate clipper and nail file. Wallingford, CT senior home care providers should provide the necessary assistance with this basic grooming task. Some dermatologists also recommend that the hands and feet be moisturized with lotion and other creams in order to reduce dryness in the nails and the surrounding skin, though cuticle oil is a useful alternative.

Infection is another common concern that affects senior nails. Due to poor hygiene, some seniors are likely to accumulate a lot of dirt under their nails. If the hands and feet aren’t washed thoroughly with soap on a daily basis, bacterial and fungal infections can gradually develop. The infections might spread all over the fingers and cause other complications beyond just the nails. A prompt visit to a podiatrist or dermatologist should be made in order to get some powerful antibiotics or antifungal medication to treat infections that began in the nails.

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