Pet Therapy Perks for the Elderly

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Pet therapy involves friendly, even-tempered animals that interact with adults in nursing homes, hospitals, and hospice facilities. These pets generally include dogs and cats, but other animals like fish, miniature horses, guinea pigs and hamsters are also used. They are trained to socialize with senior adults for short periods of time to provide physical and emotional support for those in need of Wallingford home care.

Promotes Relaxation

Interaction with an animal is soothing and calming when a person pets them, plays with them or watches their funny antics. Studies show that blood pressure, stress, anxiety and depression decrease while interacting with animals. The brain releases the hormones dopamine and serotonin, which makes seniors feel content and relaxed.

Provides Purpose

Seniors involved with pet therapy look forward to seeing the animal each day instead of dreading tomorrow. They feel they are needed and have a purpose in this stage of their life. They believe that the animal would miss seeing them as much as they would miss seeing their furry friend, which gives seniors a boost in self-esteem.

Boosts Mood

Feelings of anger, stubbornness and irritability are replaced with cheerfulness and patience in the presence of therapy pets. Simply stroking or holding an animal diminishes negative attitudes resulting from injury or illness. What was irritating earlier in the day is forgotten with the unconditional love of an animal.

Encourages Socialization

Interacting with pets makes it easier for seniors to interact with people, particularly seniors who require live-in or hourly home care in Wallingford. They have more to discuss with others than their physical ailments or what they ate or did not eat for dinner. Interacting with animals brings seniors out of their shell, helps them open up to others, and encourages them to socialize.

Stimulates Appetite

Age, depression and inactivity decrease senior appetite. With help from therapy pets, seniors become more active and social, which promotes positivity and can stimulate senior appetites.

Pet therapy is perfect for many seniors, especially those who receive at-home care with Home Care Assistance of Wallingford. As a trusted provider of dementia, stroke, and Alzheimer’s home care for seniors in Wallingford, we help seniors maintain healthy and balanced lifestyles in their own homes. Our compassionate caregivers encourage proper diet, exercise, and socialization seniors need to enjoy longevity and wellbeing during their golden years. Call us today at (203) 444-8575 to schedule a free in-home consultation and learn more about our comprehensive services.


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