Revolutionizing Parkinson’s Treatment with a Watch That Monitors Symptoms

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Parkinson’s disease drastically reduces quality of life and interferes with movement by causing tremors, rigid muscle tone, and instability of posture. To address the symptoms of Parkinson’s, it is crucial for neurologists to have accurate information regarding the disease’s impact and to plan and adjust medication schedules accordingly. This isn’t always possible due to the fact that some PD patients cannot always provide accurate information. Scientists at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have tested a new way of tracking Parkinson’s disease, which can benefit seniors and their live-in caregivers in New Haven, CT. This revolutionary tool might have a profound impact on how this disease is monitored and treated.

The device is called a Personal KinetiGraph (PKG) data logger. It is the size, shape and weight of a common wristwatch and it helps scientists record the movement fluctuations caused by Parkinson’s disease. The device uses a digital accelerometer, the same technology that allows wearable fitness devices to measure a user’s daily activity. The PKG is precision-tuned for the exact movement problems caused by Parkinson’s and it records movements in two-minute increments, creating a powerful snapshot of the disease’s effects on seniors.

In its advanced stages, Parkinson’s may impact memory and thinking, making it difficult for patients to remember problems with their movement when speaking with physicians. A personal movement tracker will provide physicians with objective data they can use to adjust medication schedules. Physicians can also use the data to recommend more aggressive therapies, such as implanted deep brain stimulators. They might even suggest hiring New Haven, CT, senior home care to help manage symptoms at home.

The PKG also vibrates to remind patients of their medication schedule. Parkinson’s patients are prescribed a daily medication that improves motor activity in the central nervous system. It is crucial that patients follow the dose schedule closely. By understanding the symptoms of PD, the PKG may revolutionize Parkinson’s treatment.

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