Tips for Overcoming Caregiver Stress

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It is not easy taking care of someone who cannot take care of himself or herself. That is why Wallingford caregivers need to remember to take time out to relieve their pent up stress. The following activities come recommended by Wallingford home care providers and can help family caregivers reduce stress while preventing burnout. 

Schedule a Regular Massage

Regular massages are wonderful relaxation techniques that help relieve muscle tension and headaches. Having a standing appointment also gives family caregivers something to look forward to. If money is tight, schedule massages several months apart, or simply ask a friend to rub your shoulders, head, and feet.

Find a Support Group

Support groups help caregivers to connect with people who are going through the same circumstances. Family caregivers can get their worries off their minds in a safe environment while gaining insight into caregiving techniques and stress busting methods.

Talk to a Therapist

Therapy is an effective alternative or supplement to support groups. Caregivers get the same opportunity to talk about their problems with the additional benefit of professional guidance from a qualified professional. Additionally, family members may feel more at ease talking to a therapist as it gives them the privacy of one-on-one interaction.

Join a Club

Sometimes the best way to relieve stress is to distract from the problem instead of talking about it. Clubs are a great distraction, have social benefits, and aren’t problem-focused. If finding a suitable club is difficult, pick up a hobby and then touch base with like-minded people. This includes learning to play an instrument, joining a craft group, or even taking a cooking class.

Remember to Exercise

There are few better ways to burn off stress hormones and gain control over emotions than exercise. Whether it is gentle exercise such as yoga or strenuous activity like jogging, it will provide naturally calming benefits. Try to get in at least a half an hour of exercise each day to see significant results. Don’t forget to couple this routine with regular sleep and plenty of hydration.

Hire Respite Care

Sometimes the only thing a family caregiver needs to relieve stress is a break. That is where Wallingford respite care comes in handy. Hired home care professionals will take care of your loved one so you can take some time for yourself to relax and reset while knowing that your senior loved one is in good hands. 

Perhaps you need more frequent assistance while caring for your senior loved one. If so, reach out to the caring professionals at Home Care Assistance. We provided flexible services for seniors including Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and stroke care in Wallingford so families can take comfort knowing their loved ones are receiving the care they deserve. We don’t require any long-term contracts or obligations, which means you are free to increase or decrease your loved one’s care without penalty. Learn more when you call (203) 444-8575 today and schedule a no-obligation consultation with an experienced Care Manager.


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