6 Soothing Teas for Migraines

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It’s not uncommon for seniors to live with chronic migraines. Many home care agencies in Milford believe that in lieu of over-the-counter medications, seniors can drink tea to relieve the pain. The following six popular teas are believed to help naturally alleviate migraine symptoms. 

1. Dandelion 

Considered a cleansing herb, dandelion is a popular natural remedy for several ailments including migraines. It purifies the liver and removes toxins, which will release your body from its intolerances. This can help in getting rid of or preventing migraines. Dandelion tea also has anti-inflammatory properties known for greatly reducing pain and swelling.

2. Cinnamon

This tea is a major source of magnesium, iron, fiber and calcium, which makes it an effective natural remedy for soothing migraine pain and eradicating headaches. Cinnamon tea will also help control your loved one’s blood sugar levels, strengthen his or her immune system and aid in regulating diabetes.

3. Willow Bark

Aside from alleviating migraines, this tea can also be used for the common cold and the flu. It mimics the effects of aspirin, which is why it’s commonly used for reducing migraine pain, gout and ankylosing spondylitis. Live-in Milford caregivers are encouraged to give seniors willow bark tea whenever symptoms arise.

4. Peppermint

This tea has vasodilating properties, which helps to control blood flow to the body. Migraine pain is often caused by poor blood flow, and peppermint is known to help open and close blood vessels that advance flow. It also has been known to help open up the sinuses so that more oxygen can reach and get into the bloodstream.

5. Lemongrass

Scientists from the Griffith University noted that lemongrass can offer relief from migraines. It has been found to prevent blood platelets from clumping just as well as aspirin does. Eugenol is an extract of this herb that aids in preventing clots with the same effectiveness as aspirin. Eugenol also discharges serotonin. These traits are quite helpful in the case of migraines and headaches because these painful ailments disturb serotonin levels and platelet function.

6. Flaxseed

Many migraines are caused by inflammation, which can be reduced by taking omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed tea will help in providing migraine relief and the frequency of getting them because it’s loaded with omega-3s. This tea is also rich in fiber and lignans, and it has anti-cancerous properties and many cardiovascular benefits.

Families can help seniors stave off migraines and manage other chronic illnesses with help from Home Care Assistance. We provide comprehensive post-stroke, dementia and Alzheimer’s home care Milford seniors need to boost overall wellbeing. Contact us at (203) 444-8575 today to learn how Home Care Assistance can help your loved one.


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